About Us

Engineered Industries Limited is a experienced supplier of steel wires applicable for many industrial fields, such as springs, industrial brushes, wire meshes, music instrument springs etc.

We are deeply connected to major leading manufacturers of the steel wires in China, and have been offering satisfying steel wire products to global customers for over 10 years.

The wires are supplied in various surface treatments and also different heat conditions:

  1. Oil tempered steel wires
  2. Lead patented steel wires
  3. Zinc plated steel wires
  4. Nicle plated steel wires
  5. Phosphating wire steel wires
  6. Prestressed concrete steel wires
  7. Braid wire ropes

The steel wires can be made to different section shapes.

  1.  Round
  2. Square
  3. Rectangle
  4. Triangle
  5. Other shapes

The wires we are alble to supply can be of different metals.

  1. Carbon steel wires and ropes.
  2. Stainless steel wires and ropes.
  3. Titanium wires.
  4. Nickel wires.
  5. Nickel-titanium (memory) wires and ropes.